History of CR Shotwell


1984-1988 Started while in high school and college by operating a small lawn care business. While searching for a name for the business  my father offered these words of advice. “Son if you're going to do work your proud of use your name. Every job you do will have your name on it.  You will not be hiding behind some “witty” name, it will be your name everyone sees and knows.”

1988 CR Shotwell Lawn Care And Maintenance started

1989 Added commercial lawn care service and commercial snow removal services

1992 Added hardscape services such as: paving stone walks, patios, etc. and retaining walls

1994 Brought our previously subcontracted out Design work in house

1996 CR Shotwell Lawn Care and Maintenance Became CR Shotwell Landscape Management

1998 Added commercial lawn installation division

2000 Added drainage consulting and installation

2003 Smart Design started using subcontractors for electrical, plumbing and other.

2005 Restructured business to concentrate on residential hardscape and smart design construction services

2009 Became CR Shotwell Landscape Management LLC

2010 Web Site Started By Innovative Marketing Designs

2012 Began offering 3-D Rendering of Projects