Smart Design

Considering putting a pool in or even an addition to your home?

Call Us first before meeting with numerous pool and or building contractors.

With over 23 years in the Landscape business we can help. How can a landscaper help us in our pool and/or addtion?

We can help design your pool/ addition layout to maximize your landscape and patio. We will sit down and discuss with you, your future plans for the area.

Pools require electricty, right? Well let’s say you install a pool and patio and down the road you want to add some lighting or a pool house, outdoor bar, hot tub etc.

You Discover

#1 there is not enough power there

#2 you have to dig up the entire patio to run more wire and lights.

#3 the cost is going to be more than the Hot Tub or pool house

Okay, you get the basic idea right?

We will sit down with you and discuss inexpensive options such as adding electrical conduit and upgraded electrical service panels. Well discuss back flushing a pool and how to avoid that muddy part of the yard by installing drainage options pre-construction. Wouldn’t it be nice to have water available by the pool area instead of dragging hoses from the far side of the house?

And after that addition was completed, you discovered the door would have been much better off on the other side or this door should open the other way. Or maybe after building that addtion you discovered you now have no room left to install a pool due to setback requirments. You decide that the windows you installed are at head level while open and have become dangerous. You installed carpet in that new addition, only to discover that ever time the kids come in from the pool, it gets wet… We might have suggested tile or another option. WE CAN HELP!!

These options are relatively inexpensive options during construction but quickly turn into very expensive options after the pool and patios are built.

We are not arcitects or engineers, we just offer some “smart design” based on our 23 years of experience in the industry.

We will only recommend the highest quality and responsible contractors for you electrical, plumbing and construction needs.